Assistant Director - DanceWorks Boston

Application Deadline: DECEMBER 31, 2017

DanceWorks LLC is seeking a self-motivated part-time Assistant Director to help lead & direct DanceWorks Boston and all its moving parts, with a focus on marketing & events. Serious candidates should possess the skills of running their own business, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding & long-term residence in or around the Boston area.

Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Assistant Director will serve as a face of the company and part of the leadership team. She/he will assume responsibility for Boston-based business initiatives and serve as the primary on-site representative of the company. This individual will serve as a key leader of DanceWorks Boston and should be dedicated to the advancement of the company’s mission & growth.

This position will work directly with the Executive Director, choreographers, dancers, and vendors of DanceWorks Boston. Oversee day-to-day company operations and carry out administrative and operational duties including management, marketing, recruitment, branding and business goals. This position is an excellent career opportunity for the entrepreneur-minded individual, with a focus on marketing & social media, and has tremendous potential for growth within the company.

This is a part-time position, requiring approximately 20 hours a week. Hours may vary depending on time of season. This is a part-time salaried position without healthcare benefits. Two weeks paid time off (PTO) is allotted for sick, personal, or vacation time, however it does not roll over at end of calendar year & must be approved in writing in advance. Compensation commensurate with qualifications & experience. Bonus opportunities possible with a subjective overall review by the Executive Director.

Skills & Experience Required:


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. 3-5 years professional work experience a minimum; ideal candidate will have excellent personal and business branding experience with a focus on social media, experience working with small businesses, management of large groups/communities, experience in fitness-based franchises and is motivated by business ownership
  • Serious candidates must have time to accommodate a part-time job (20 hours a week) with at least 15 hours a week logged during normal work hours (Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm). Nights and weekends on occasion. Ideal candidates will have a supplemental job that works in tandem with this position and must have flexibility to work a non-traditional schedule
  • Candidates applying must have long-term plans to reside in/around Boston area


  • Previous experience planning special events, performances, and leading a group of 30 or more individuals. Dance/Fitness-based leadership experience is recommended. Sales and commission-based earning experience a plus
  • Experience generating income for a business and creating value within a company
  • Exceptional leadership skills; displays confidence within groups; can give and take direction effectively; excellent interpersonal skills; experience in public speaking, peer-to-peer leadership & community building; forward-thinking problem-solvers and comfortable with conflict resolution
  • Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail required
  • Strong ability to work independently and efficiently on your own schedule while keeping members of the team updated
  • Must be able to multitask efficiently, adapt quickly to new situations & work well under pressure
  • Comfortable speaking publicly before a group of 500+ people; shows poise and confidence in public speaking along with being motivational
  • Strong candidates will bring a positive attitude, team-oriented mentality, and be willing to take initiatives


  • Exceptional marketing, branding and communication skills; both written & verbal; start-up and grassroots programming a plus; We encourage thinking outside the box and candidates must enjoy clever & creative branding
  • Knowledge of technological programs similar to: Gmail, iMovie; Garageband; Squarespace; Quickbooks, MailChimp, all social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter, as well as general graphic design & website development skills including SEO
  • Familiarity with local colleges & universities, local dance schools & studios in New England


  • Advanced dance training and performance history including choreography; experience in overseeing company productions in dance; candidates are required to submit 3 video links to previously choreographed works (see application requirements)
  • Physically capable of performing athletic dance routines and standing for long durations; must be able to lift/carry a minimum of 35lbs

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

This position will involve shadowing the Executive Director as well as working independently. This position will focus heavily on marketing, social media, special event management, public relations, video production/editing for social media, branding, recruitment. Please see below for detailed job description.


  • Implement long-term artistic vision with Executive Director, take direction and work independently to achieve business goals. Implement objectives as delegated by the Executive Director to tackle the most-pressing tasks facing the company; Liaison between Executive Director & all of DanceWorks Boston and its clients/vendors
  • Assist Executive Director to organize & carry out all on-site events including: choreographer auditions, workshops, dancer auditions, social events, WelcomeWorks, PhotoWorks, CostumeWorks, StudioWorks, tech rehearsals & performances.  All events include set-up, management, recruitment, filming, casting, and overall administrative operations
  • Choreographer Auditions - recruit new dancers for choreographer auditions. Help lead panel through choreographer interview process and film all choreographer auditions; upload all choreographer auditions to Dropbox to share with Executive Director for review & deliberations
  • Choreographer Liaison - act as direct contact and liaison to choreographers for upcoming deadlines (bios, program, music, lights, costumes) and management of their responsibilities as choreographer; update website to reflect current choreographers
  • Supervise & lead choreographers/dancers through the artistic and technical aspects of overall season & the end of season production. This includes: feedback, check-ins, costume approvals, program book copy & design, show order, lighting design, finale tutorial, tech rehearsals, and final show playlist; create Tech Rehearsal schedules with venue staff & run tech rehearsals with lighting designer, sound engineer & backstage manager; create show orders for dancers backstage & provide notes/feedback for pieces on stage
  • Communications & brand liaison - write & execute emails through gmail listserve, update dancer contact lists in gmail & Mailchimp; design, update & send Mailchimp templates to contact lists for outreach & marketing.
  • Dancer Auditions - assist Executive Director in leading Dancer Auditions & carrying-out all registration & day of operations; Organize volunteers; Assist with the Choreographer Meeting prior to auditions to review Audition Day; Carry out the registration process for dancers; Speak publicly before all attendees about the DWB mission & seasonal events; Assist dancers & choreographers with pref form materials and end of day operations
  • Dancer Audition Casting - Assist the Executive Director in carrying-out casting process in a timely manner - about 1 week (5 days).
  • Assist with contract negotiations & vendor agreements as needed with rehearsal rentals, theater rentals, photographers, and special events.
  • Assist Executive Director with PhotoWorks operation; scout locations; interview photographers (as needed), brainstorm marketing visions, colors, outfits and receive approval from Executive Director to move forward on vision/location. Prep & create content for poses, group shots, choreographer shots to sustain creative & interesting content for show marketing. Select all final team shots, choreographer shots & headshots in timely manner for editing. Final approval from Executive Director. Confirm dates, design deadlines with photographer & graphic designer on iCal
  • Assist Executive Director in management of income/expense funds for special events, headshot sales; return a list of attendees/purchases to Executive Director for bookkeeping. A personal expense report with receipts to Executive Director as needed
  • Maintain iCal shared calendar for all DWB related events, dates, and performances. Update iCal for dates & deadlines as they relate to Executive Director, vendors and company overall
  • Gather & communicate accurate program copy to graphic designer and conduct edits in timely manner. Set copy & design deadlines with graphic designer on iCal
  • Participate in essential skype conferences and meetings pertaining to DanceWorks LLC & its affiliates
  • Attend training sessions in Boston to learn & implement policies & procedures as outlined in job description


  • Social Media - This position will have a heavy focus on social media branding, marketing, recruitment, and outreach. Assistant Director will act as driving force behind all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest & more. Management of all social media channels, content marketing, and SEO marketing. Facebook advertising and website optimization a focus.
  • Video - Film video footage from choreographer auditions, workshops, dancer auditions & rehearsals. Video content will be created and managed by Assistant Director & uploaded to social media, Youtube, Vimeo, & others
  • Take lead in recruitment of new choreographers and dancers; both local & national with a strong presence in New England. Create direct contacts with representatives & build those relationships through email, social media and face-to-face visits
  • PR - Take lead in show promotions & sales through social media & community outreach; increase sales to meet maximum ticket revenue; troubleshoot ways to increase future ticket revenue; establish group ticket programs for target audiences. Seek local advertising sponsorships for program book when possible opportunities for brand alignment. Build campaigns and create outside the box ideas to generate ticket sales. Write press releases & pitch local reporters for press mentions to drive ticket sales
  • Website - Knowledge of Squarespace. Carry out website updates & branding that connects web to social media content - video & photo content will be a focus. Web updates also include dates & materials for workshops, rehearsal schedule, choreographer bios, auditions results, tickets, & headshots.
  • Ticketleap - Learn the Ticketleap platform including event set-up; discount codes, email blasts, gallery, and widgets. After training process, be able to carry out event creation independently with review by the Executive Director before going “live”. Actively use Ticketleap to drive ticket sales & promotion of sale items including: headshots, apparel, tickets


  • Take lead in recruitment of new choreographers and dancers; build relationships with key constituents
  • Assist with organizing additional performance opportunities & choreography for the company: finale, professional NBA or NFL games, festivals, flash mobs, corporate bookings, etc.
  • Social Events - Take lead in developing social events designed to enhance the DanceWorks community; Host at least two events a season including WelcomeWorks
  • Attend all weekly rehearsals 2-3 times within the season to monitor dancer growth & community building

Application Requirements:

  • Letter of Intent - please outline your unique qualifications for the role, including your 3-5 year professional & personal goals and include answers to the questions that follow: Why do you want this position? How will this position fit into your current work life? What strengths will you bring to this role? Why do you want to run a small business? What experiences and/or skills do you have in running a small business, specifically this role? What challenges do you foresee yourself facing while leading this company? What ideas do you bring to this company and team? What are your long-term plans to reside in/around the Boston area? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Please include in the body of an email. Please keep it brief but answer all questions above.
  • Resume - please attach to email in PDF form
  • 3 samples of previous choreography experience (YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook links appropriate - please include in body of email under your Letter of Intent)
  • Links to social media accounts you manage - either personal or business (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)
  • Two professional references (not written references - references should include contact information: name, work affiliation, phone number, email address, as well as their relationship to you - I will call for reference)
  • OPTIONAL: Video samples - include link to samples of your video editing experience
  • OPTIONAL: Press Release Samples - please attach samples of previous PR samples

Please email application requirements to Executive Director Lisa Mara at with "APPLICATION: ASSISTANT DIRECTOR" in the subject line. All applications should be received before December 31, 2017.

Please note: We thank you in advance for applying. Due to time constraints, we will confirm receipt of all applications over email, however not all applicants will receive follow-ups. Not all applicants will be asked for interviews. Please respect the application process - no phone calls/emails please. We will be in touch if an interview is appropriate.

About DanceWorks Boston:

DanceWorks Boston is the city's largest performance-based dance organization for advanced & technically trained dancers (18+) who want to continue choreographing and performing after college and into their adult life.

DanceWorks, with affiliates in both Boston & New York City, made its Boston debut in 2010. A collective of more than 350 young adults, our dancers have experience choreographing and performing with their respective studios, college dance teams, and companies. Selling out shows twice a year, DanceWorks is the elite performance company for the otherwise working professional.

Our mission is to provide a professional, yet fun & flexible environment for dancers of all styles to come together as a community. A place where dancers find a balance between feeling challenged in the studio, but not overwhelmed by the commitment.

Today, DanceWorks provides members with a place to grow both technically & personally as dancers, people, and aspiring professionals.