Mikéla Almeida started dancing her sophomore year at Syracuse University-with no experience or training she joined Kalabash Dance Troupe, a hip hop/Caribbean infused dance group. She quickly fell in love with dance and became a lead choreographer for the group. In 2011, her senior year, she joined Danceworks Syracuse and later taught a Danceworks hip-hop workshop after the 2011 season ended. Mikéla also danced briefly for the 2011 SU best dance crew winner and hip-hop freestyle group, Expressive Elements. After graduating Syracuse University in 2011, Mikéla joined Danceworks Boston for season 4 and has taught two hip-hop workshops. Her first season in DWB, Mikéla was one of six dancers chosen to be part of a video shoot for Lou Goudman. She also dances in the New England based hip-hop dance crew, SistaMadic with two of her friends she met in DWB. The crew was a finalist in the Ellen Degeneres Missy Elliot “WTF” competition where the dance was featured on the show in 2016. Mikéla took a break from dancing as she finished law school, studied for two bars, passed them, and moved to New Jersey for a job. While in the Tri-State area, she taught a hip-hop workshop for Danceworks NYC. She is excited to be back in the area and ready to kick off her sixth season with DWB and fifth season choreographing. When not in the studio, she can be seen hanging out with her loving family, amazing boyfriend, fun friends, playing with her loveable dog, Reese’s, traveling for adventure, and clerking in the Appellate Division of the Workers’ Compensation Court in Rhode Island.