Thank you for your patience as this page loads all photo thumbnails


  • Scroll down to preview your 5 headshot thumbnails from PhotoWorks - choose ONLY 1 headshot to be edited & touched up for the show and for purchase. (PLEASE NOTE: These are raw files and not touched up. You get to choose which photo we edit!)
  • Click on each thumbnail to enlarge. Headshots are watermarked with "DanceWorks Boston #".
  • Enter the NUMBER that appears on your favorite headshot. Example: "DanceWorks Boston 158" - you would enter on the form below in the selection box "158". This will be the photo we edit. Only 1 headshot per person.
  • Dancers must complete their selection no later than October 29 by midnight! If you don't choose a photo by October 29, I will select one for you. No other photos will be edited.
  • Headshots will officially go on sale once we receive the final edits. A separate email will be distributed with more information about purchases.


Name *
Type the # of the watermarked photo you would like to select to be edited. ONLY 1 headshot per person.